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About US

We are a Peru and Bolivia-based, licensed and insured travel company. As one of the most respected and recommended travel companies in Peru, we have the goal of being the leading travel company in Peru through operating high quality and innovative tours throughout Peru and Bolivia. As an independent travel company, View Peru is managed by its founding directors who put their whole effort and heart into every detail of every tour, as well as a dedicated team of full-time personnel. We are proud to offer the widest selection of tours available.

we are able to offer the highest quality, yet least expensive tours in the industry because we are located here in Peru and Bolivia. Because we are located where you will be travelling, there are not added intermediary costs as there are with most tour agencies as they are located abroad. In addition, because we are located where you will be traveling, it is assured that all arrangements will be made timely and accurately with the highest rates of satisfaction. We have close working relationships with the services and suppliers that we use because we are located here. In addition, we are able to do constant quality control testing of our services and can better arrange the best trip for you.

Over the last few years, We have come a long way with our staff forging through and offering a huge variety of high quality tours in various trip styles throughout Peru and Bolivia. It is our passion for exploring the world and taking you with us, our keen sense of seeking out the truth in all of our destinations, as well as seeking new experiences and challenges, is what keeps us growing and what brings clients back year after year.

You should choose our company to handle your once in a lifetime trip to Peru because we offer such a wide variety of tours and specialize in doing so. These include group tours, private tours, adventure, cultural, ecological, honeymoons, family specialties, trekking, and more. All of our tours are 100% customizable, allowing you to combine your favorite elements from multiple tours or making one all of your own. If you are traveling on a budget, we have the trip for you that won’t break your budget or leave you out of any of the great experiences Peru has to offer. If you seek to travel in the upmost luxury, View Peru offers the most exclusive, luxurious tours in the industry allowing you to travel in the highest style and comfortability.
We are the only tour company that guarantees fixed departure tours, even if there is only one passenger! There will be no cancellations and no disappointments. We have full time local travel professionals who work through your tour every step of the way – making sure that every aspect of your stay in our beautiful home is not just an encounter with a magnificent culture but a personable service that will make you feel at home as well.
Travel with us and you will be sure to have an unforgettable vacation that will make you want to return to the beautiful lands of Peru and Bolivia.